The Process of Pain

I recently stumbled upon this site when looking for information on pain as a metaphor. This site is all about understanding and taking control of your pain. As many of you might know, for example, the amount of pain you might experience from endometriosis doesn’t directly correlate to the amount of disease present. This means… Continue reading The Process of Pain

Why don’t more women know about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Originally posted on VuVaGirl:
I had to write about this. I am the creator of VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators. I am an Endometriosis and Vulvodynia sufferer. After dealing with pelvic pain for years, I had never heard of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy until after creating my product. It was only after I created Magnetic Dilators …

Pelvic Pain Resolution 2017

As promised today I’m sharing my #2017PelvicPainResolution. My resolution is one I’ve been working on for the last 4 months and that I am continuing with as my resolution for 2017. 4 months ago I started a daily regimen of taking Vitex (chaste tree berry). Typically I steer clear of any kind of supplements due… Continue reading Pelvic Pain Resolution 2017

Pelvic Pain Relief when you don’t have Insurance.

Recently I’ve been thinking about what those suffering with chronic pelvic pain can do if they don’t have medical insurance. I myself no longer have insurance, and I know many of you are in the same boat. There is even more fear surrounding insurance coverage in the U.S. due to the current political climate and… Continue reading Pelvic Pain Relief when you don’t have Insurance.

What do YOU need? My Wish for Painful Sex and Integrative Therapies.

So today I’ve been thinking about why it’s so important for people with chronic pain that affects their sex lives and relationships to talk about it. Sex in general is still a fairly taboo subject. Sex therapy is garnering more attention, but sex and sexuality/relationships is still something that is often left in the shadows.… Continue reading What do YOU need? My Wish for Painful Sex and Integrative Therapies.

Condoms and Vaginal Irritation

Welcome EndoGabbers! Today is all about condoms! I recently realized that there are two potential ways that condoms can cause/contribute to vaginal irritation. Maybe some of you have already considered this, but maybe many of you haven’t and it’s a topic worth discussing. The first issue is that condoms are typically made from latex. For… Continue reading Condoms and Vaginal Irritation

Soothing Vaginal Popsicle

As promised I write when I feel I have something truly worthy to share with you all. Before I share this newest tip I just want to briefly introduce what EndoGab is for those of you who are stumbling on this blog for the first time. EndoGab is a resource blog I’ve created to share… Continue reading Soothing Vaginal Popsicle